Get 20+ IAS Questions Daily on Your Phone – Download the Best UPSC Quiz App

UPSC Prelims is all about the right preparation. Everyone works hard for the exam but not everyone qualifies, in the end, its all about who prepared for the correct questions.

That’s why we have developed this application. CrackitToday helps you to practice new questions daily which include both Current Affair and Static GS syllabus.

Using CrackitToday, You can practice 20+ questions daily (updated every day) which are extremely relevant to your next IAS Prelims exam.

CrackitToday is an Android application for UPSC IAS Aspirants. Here are some of its Features.

  • Attempt 20 questions daily quiz every day.
  • Randomly updated Subject-based test for better practice.
  • UPSC Mock Test with negative marks
  • All India Ranking System for all the test
  • Detailed explanation for each question
  • Many more..

You can download the app from the Google Play Store it’s Free.

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