UPSC Current Affairs – Must Read Magazines for Prelims and Mains Exam

UPSC Civil Service Examination or CSE is an extremely tough examination to crack in India and magazines play a vital role in clearing the examination especially the UPSC Current Affairs section. Since the most of the questions related to current affairs in CSE are of interpretive nature, studying books or going through newspapers is not sufficient to crack the exam. The aspirant needs to gather background details as well as additional information to gain comprehensive view on that specific matter,

By going through magazines, candidates can get all those information in one place. Apart from that, most of them includes several practice sets, topper interviews, tricks and strategies for clearing the exam.

Top 5+1 Magazines for UPSC Current Affairs Preparation

1. Yojana Magazine

Yojana is published by the Govt of India and is a must have magazine for preparing UPSC Current Affairs section. Yojana is published monthly that mainly focuses on various socio-economic issues and cover all important topics like Ayushman Bharat, Skill India, Digital India, Khelo India, etc. It also covers all the
latest Govt schemes and programmes, Supreme Court judgements, legislations along with expert opinion each possible topic.

Another plus point of the magazine is that besides Hindi and English, it also issued in 11 other different languages. They are – Bengali, Marathi, Odiya Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannada,Assamese, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu.

2. Kurukshetra Magazine

Just like Yojana, Kurukshetra Magazine is also issued by the Publication Division. The magazine mainly focuses on the rural development, agriculture, tribal population, rural infrastructure, etc. The primary focus of the magazine is the rural impact of the various Govt schemes and programmes and how it benefits the rural and unprivileged population of the country. The magazine is published only Hindi and English.

3. Pratiyogita Darpan

Another sought after magazine for UPSC Current Affairs preparation is Pratiyogita Darpan. The magazine is circulated in English and Hindi and is hugely popular among Civil Service aspirants. The magazine mainly centers on national current affairs, employment news, topper interviews, expert analysis on
important issues, solved question papers of the past years and offers great value for Civil Service aspirants. Plenty of questions have been asked from Pratiyogita Darpan every year in Civil Service Examination.

4. Competition Success Review (CSR)

Competition Success Review or CSR is another extremely popular journal among Civil Service aspirants. In fact, in many parts of the country many candidates find it essential due to its coverage of national as well as international developments. The magazine also has a dedicated section where it covers interviews of previous Civil Service candidates while publishing success stories of several Civil Service toppers along with their method of preparation, which often prove useful for future aspirants.

5. World Focus Magazine

World Focus is primarily a India-focused foreign affairs magazine publishing since 1980. It offers detailed analysis and expert opinion of all the India-related international development. Several policy makers, policy analysists, experts, diplomats and other decision makers write extensively and contribute to the magazine every month. It is a highly useful journal for UPSC Current Affairs preparation due to its exhaustive coverage international developments, economic developments, foreign policy as well as national security issues.

6. Down to Earth

It covers important issues that are of major concern for ordinary citizens like environment, health, livelihood  and economic security. It brings together news, perspectives and knowledge related to major challenges faced by the Indian society.

As the number of questions on environment has been increasing in the Preliminary exam, this magazine is very helpful for your prelims preparation.

Important:- Practice

No matter how many magazines you read, at the end what will matter is what you remember while sitting on the judgement day so its important that you keep on practicing and revising things. This will help you in remembering thing and you wont forget facts when it matters the most, this is the reason we have came up with this app which lets you practice all those current affairs and static GK question. Download the app from Google Play Store and keep on practicing.

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