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Mock Tests

High quality questions everyday to practice on the go.

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Daily and monthly current affairs notes to keep you updated

Marks Analysis

Realtime Analysis of your practice session across all subjects.


Flashcards to revise and learn every question you attempt


All India Ranking that gets updated with every test you attempt.

PDF Report

Download PDF Report of every test you attempt


A proven method based on spaced-repetition algorithm that will trick you into memorising facts

  • Step 1 – Attempt questions from our test series
  • Step 2 – Import all the hard questions to flashcards
  • Step 3 – Revise the questions with flashcards 

Use it once and never forget a single fact in your life

No Better Way of Making Notes 

Use our high quality GS/Current Affairs notes in combination with flashcards. No need of making your own notes.

  • Step 1 – Open the notes that you want to read
  • Step 2 – Copy the texts your want to memorise
  • Step 3 – Paste it in Cards sidebar in question/answer format
  • Step 4 – Revise the information with flashcards.

Mains Answer Writing 

Answer writing skills are very important especially for UPSC and state PCS exams so we have designed a place where you can upload your answer to the asked question and provide feedback to each other’s answer.

Its a perfect place to learn and share your answer writing skill.

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"Fully satisfied with this app. It gives me ample questions to practise, also let me know where i stand in my preparation. Revision is bit easier with cards that is also a great feature with this app. One of the best app for UPSC, State PSC students"
Rishab Panwar
UPSC Aspirant
"I really like this app, it covers questions from each subject ranging from history to polity, geography, science , current affairs etc moreover if I am wrong at any of answers , this app gives at least 2 paragraph knowledge about it"
Somya Agrawal
UPSC Aspirant

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