Nusantara: New Capital Of Indonesia

Nusantara: Now The capital Of Indonesia The capital of Indonesia is being shifted from Jakarta to East Kalimantan, and will be called Nusantara (situated to the east of Borneo island). East Kalimantan is 2,300 kilometres from Jakarta on the eastern side of Borneo island, shared by Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. The new capital will be […]

Undersea Volcanic Eruption : Tonga

Undersea Volcanic Eruption : Tonga A volcano erupted in the southern Pacific Island of Tonga, which triggered Tsunami waves around the Pacific. It is an Undersea Volcanic Eruption consisting of two small uninhabited islands, Hunga-Ha’apai and Hunga-Tonga. The Tonga Islands occur along the Ring of Fire—a perimeter of heightened volcanic and seismic activity that encircles […]

Gateway To Hell: Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan’s Gateway To Hell: Turkmenistan’s President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov recently ordered officials to find a method of finally extinguishing the ‘Gateway to Hell’ in the country. Turkmenistan’s Gateway to hell, also known as The Darvaza Crater, is 225 feet wide and 99 feet deep. It has a diameter of 70 metres, across an area of 5.5 […]

Lignite Mining: Rajasthan

Lignite Mining: The Congress government in Rajasthan is preparing an ambitious road map in the New Year for mining of lignite in Bikaner district’s Gudha West and the installation of a new lignite-based thermal power plant in its vicinity. The joint action plan is expected to significantly enhance the State’s power generation capacity. Lignite mining […]