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Lipulekh Pass

Lipulekh Pass: Indian traders, engaged in border trade through the Lipulekh pass since 1992, urge the government to resume trade with China. The route was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019, leaving goods worth Rs 15 lakh stranded in Tibet. Lipulekh Pass is located near the India-China (Tibet)-Nepal tri-junction in Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh district, […]

Onge Tribe

Onge Tribe: Andaman’s Onge tribe king Totoko and queen Priya welcomed a baby boy recently, bringing the tribe’s total population to 136. Onge Tribe are one of the most primitive tribes in India that belong to the Negrito racial ancestry. They are inhabiting Little Andaman Island, the most southerly island in the Andaman archipelago. They […]

Techo Funan Canal

Techo Funan Canal: Cambodia will start constructing the Chinese-backed Techo Funan Canal. The 180-km canal aims to connect the Mekong River basin to the Cambodian coast. Despite tensions with Vietnam and concerns about potential military use by China, Cambodia asserts the canal will reduce reliance on Vietnamese ports, lower transportation costs, and benefit millions of […]


Stromatolites: Discovered Researchers have discovered living stromatolites on Sheybarah Island in the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia. Stromatolites are layered rock formations created by microbial communities, representing some of the earliest evidence of life on Earth. These structures are formed as layers of sediment accumulated over time, trapping and binding microorganisms like cyanobacteria. As these microorganisms […]

Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai (HTHH) Volcano : Study

Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai (HTHH) Volcano: A new study published recently shows that the January 15, 2022, eruption of the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai Volcano could cause unusual weather for the rest of the decade. Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai (HTHH) is a submarine stratovolcano in the Tongan archipelago in the southern Pacific Ocean. The HTHH volcano includes the […]