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Daily Current Affairs for UPSC IAS: 27th January 2023

Today’s Current Affairs: 27th January 2023 for UPSC IAS exams, State PSC exams, SSC CGL, State SSC, RRB, Railways, Banking Exam & IBPS, etc

Railways AI-Based Project:

The Indian Railways has concluded the trial of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program built to fix a perennial issue — long waiting lists for tickets.

  • Made By railways in-house software arm  Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), this AI module, called Ideal Train Profile, was fed with information like how millions of passengers booked tickets on these trains, which origin-destination pairs were a hit and which were flops at what time of the year, which seats remained vacant for what portion of a journey, etc.
  • The AI does data-driven remote location selection, completely automates the process of quota distribution, and suggests optimal quotas for different ticket combinations based on historical demand.
  • Artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind.
  • The project has got the Railway Board excited about the possibility of how it can manage busy season rush, when the demands of confirmed tickets are at a peak. The coming summer vacation season will be the first big test for the new system

What Is India Stack?

India Stack is the moniker for a set of open APIs and digital public goods that aim to unlock the economic primitives of identity, data, and payments at population scale.

  • The vision of India Stack is not limited to one country
  • It can be applied to any nation, be it a developed one or an emerging one.
  • It is the collection of Application Peripheral Interfaces launched by the Government of India.
  • This includes BHIM, Digilocker, UPI, and several other applications.
  • According to a recent report from the IT Ministry around seven countries are to join India Stack.
  • India is planning to export its digital products.
  • The government of India is currently looking for certified Stack Developers.
  • The plan is to hire them just as the big giants like Microsoft and Google hire certified analysts.
  • BHIM is being used in Bhutan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cambodia, and Japan. Nepal was the first to implement UPI.

UN World Economic Situation And Prospects 2023 Report:

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs launched the “World Economic Situation and Prospects” report or simply the World Economy Report.

  • The report says that the economic growth of the world is slowing down. It is to reach 1.9% in 2023 from 3% in 2022.

Findings of the Report:

  • Increasing inflation is to affect the private-sector investments
  • Global Inflation is to remain at 6.5% in 2023
  • Banks are to increase the interest rates and therefore, the overall economic growth of countries will be at stake
  • Countries will face recession as they enter 2024
  • The countries are to face heavy challenges in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Poverty levels are to increase
  • People will face unemployment.
  • Those who are already in the job will encounter job insecurity
  • Losses in women’s employment
  • More than 350 million are to face food insecurity

Strategic Partnership : India And Egypt

The Egyptian President Sisi ,as the Chief Guest of the 2023 Republic Day celebrations of India.

  • With the trade between the countries touching 12 billion USD in the last five years, the countries have now entered into Strategic Partnership.
  • With Egypt, India has signed the agreement on terrorism. The countries will work together in resolving cross-border terrorism
  • Also, the agreement will focus in areas such as cyber security, Information Technology, youth, culture, and broadcasting
  • India sees Egypt as a Gateway to the European and African countries. Just like it sees the North Eastern States as a Gateway to South East Asia and East Asia.
  • Also, Egypt plays a major role in the politics of Africa and the Arab world.

She Feeds The World Programme:

The philanthropic foundation of PEPSICO and CARE joined together and launched the “She Feeds the World” program in India.

  • The program is to empower women in the agriculture sector.
  • The program will mainly focus on small-scale women producers.
  • Initially, the program is to be implemented in Cooch Behar district and Alipurduar district of West Bengal.

Objectives She Feeds the World Programme:

  • To increase crop yield
  • To increase the income of women belonging to BPL families
  • To provide access to a healthy and balanced diet
  • The program will strive hard to reduce gender inequality in agriculture sector
  • To help agricultural families in the country get a stable income
  • Provide training to women on sustainable agriculture

Competition (Amendment) Bill:

The Competition Act aims to promote healthy competition in India. The main intention of the act is to avoid monopoly.

  • The act was legislated in 2002. In 2022, the Government of India proposed certain changes and additions to the act.
  • The amendment is still pending and the GoI recently added some more changes along with those it intended to introduce in 2022.
  • Bill to be discussed during Budget Session of 2023.
  • Changes to be made:
    • Regulatory frameworks to be fine-tuned.
    • To be brought in line with the digital world and the changes that occurred in the past two decades
    • The scope of the settlement and commitment scheme is to be expanded

Changes In 2022:

  • Deals with values more than Rs 2000 crores should be notified to CCI
  • Merger approval should be done within 150 working days.
  • This was 210 working days before
  • CCI should have at least one judicial officer as its member

Monument Mitra Scheme : Monuments Under The Private Sector

The government will hand over around 1,000 monuments to the private sector for their upkeep under the Monument Mitra Scheme.

  • Monument Mitra Scheme / Adopt A Heritage Scheme was started a few years back under the Ministry of Tourism.
  • It is now transferred to the Ministry of Culture in respect of the monuments under the Archaeological Survey of India, the ASI.
  • Applies to all Centrally protected heritage properties.
  • It Aims at ensuring quality & inclusive provision of amenities and facilities across heritage, natural, & tourist sites through the active participation of private and public sector organizations and individuals.
  • These organizations would be known as “Monument Mitras” for their collaboration initiative.