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Exercise Bharat Shakti

Exercise Bharat Shakti:     A Tri-Services Live Fire and Manoeuvre Exercise named “Bharat Shakti” is being conducted in Pokhran, Rajasthan, demonstrating India’s indigenous defence capabilities. It included successful test firing of the long-range AGNI missile with advanced MIRV technology. Key equipment and weapons systems featured in the exercise include T-90 (IM) Tanks, Dhanush and […]

Ballistic Missiles

Ballistic Missiles: North Korea recently fired short-range ballistic missiles towards its eastern waters as the United States Secretary of State prepared to open a democracy summit in neighbouring South Korea. A ballistic missile is a rocket-propelled, self-guided strategic-weapons system that follows a ballistic trajectory to deliver a payload from its launch site to a predetermined […]


Exercise LAMITIYE: Indian Army contingent departed for Seychelles to participate in the Tenth edition of Joint Military Exercise “LAMITIYE-2024”. Exercise LAMITIYE is a joint military exercise between the Indian Army and Seychelles Defence Forces (SDF). ‘LAMITIYE’ meaning ‘Friendship’ in the Creole language is a biennial training event and has been conducted in Seychelles since 2001. […]

Mission Divyastra

Mission Divyastra: The Prime Minister of India announced successful maiden flight test of Agni-5 missile with MIRV technology, code-named Mission Divyastra, boosting India’s defence capability. Mission Divyastra the maiden flight test of the locally developed Agni-5 missile with multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle (MIRV) technology and code named as Mission Divyastra. Agni-5 missile uses a […]