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Mulya Pravah 2.0

Mulya Pravah 2.0:

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is pushing for values and ethics in higher education through guidelines like Mulya Pravah 2.0.

  • Mulya Pravah 2.0 is a guideline issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in India, aiming to instil human values and professional ethics in higher education institutions. It is a modified version of the 2019 Mulya Pravah guideline.
  • Aim:
    • Inculcating human values and professional ethics in higher education institutions to build value-based institutions and promote constitutional values.
    • Instil deep respect for fundamental duties and constitutional values. Develop a culture of integrity, accountability, transparency, and inclusiveness in higher education institutions.
    • Decision-making should be guided solely by institutional and public interest, devoid of biases. Abolishment of discriminatory privileges; emphasis on punishing the corrupt.
    • Core Values Institutions are urged to ensure integrity, trusteeship, harmony, accountability, inclusiveness, commitment, respectfulness, belongingness, sustainability, constitutional values, and global citizenship.
    • Administration should prioritize transparency, fairness, honesty, and the highest ethical standards. Refrain from misappropriation and reject gifts that may compromise impartial duties.
    • The guideline emphasizes maintaining confidentiality and conflicting with the right to information. It mandates institutions to voluntarily disclose critical information for public scrutiny.
    • Teacher’s Role Teaching is a noble profession; teachers are expected to act as role models.
    • The expectation for staff and student unions to support the administration in development activities.’