Critical Infrastructure Development In Arunachal Pradesh : Key Points

Critical Infrastructure Development In Arunachal Pradesh: The Union government approved more than Rs 1,100 crore for critical infrastructure development in Arunachal Pradesh. The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) also cleared a proposal for the construction of 32 roads under phase II of the Indo-China Border Roads (ICBR) scheme. Earlier, the government followed a restrictive policy, […]

Pakistan To Remain In FATF Grey List : Recent Developement

Pakistan To Remain In FATF Grey List: The FATF’s Plenary and Working Group meetings, scheduled to be held from February 21 to 26 in Paris, is all set to decide on Pakistan’s grey list status. However, Pakistan is unlikely to exit the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) ‘grey’ list until June. Pakistan was placed on […]

World’s Debt To Increase In 2021 IIF Report : Findings

World’s Debt To Increase In 2021: The Institute of International Finance (IIF) has reported that the world has never been more indebted before and the debt will further rise in the year 2021 with more borrowing ahead amid the covid-19 led economic crisis. Key Findings of IIF: As per the IIF, governments, companies, and households […]

Draft Blue Economy Policy for India : Highlights

Draft Blue Economy Policy for India: The Ministry of Earth Sciences has asked for suggestions on the Draft Blue Economy Policy for India. The stakeholders such as NGOs, industry, academia, and citizens have been asked to submit their inputs and ideas by 27th February 2021. The Draft Blue Economy Policy was created by the government […]

What Is Credit Default Swap?

Credit Default Swap: The Reserve Bank of India revealed the credit default swaps (CDS) and has allowed the retail users to do the transactions in permitted credit derivatives in order to hedge their underlying credit risk. Key Highlights: As per the guidelines, the non-retail users will be allowed to do the transactions in credit derivatives […]

Rise In Sensex Reasons : Increased Foreign Portfolio Investments

Increased Foreign Portfolio Investments: The Sensex has risen 11.36%, post-Union Budget 2021-22 presentation, due to increased Foreign Portfolio Investments (FPIs). Sensex, otherwise known as the S&P BSE Sensex index, is the benchmark index of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in India. It comprises 30 of the largest and most actively traded stocks on the BSE […]

New System Of Faceless Assessment And Appeal : Tax Disputes

New System Of Faceless Assessment And Appeal: The Finance Secretary has said that the new system of faceless assessment and appeal would help bring down tax disputes substantially. Tax Disputes (Data): As per official data, the amount involved in tax disputes was over Rs. 11 lakh crore in FY19-end, up 23% over a year-ago. Since […]

Goa : 6th State To Complete Urban Local Bodies (ULB) Reforms

Urban Local Bodies (ULB) Reforms: Goa becomes the 6th State to complete Urban Local Bodies (ULB) reforms. Gets additional borrowing permission of Rs. 223 crore. Goa has joined five other States namely, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Rajasthan, and Telangana, who have completed ULB reforms. Reforms in ULBs and the urban utility reforms are aimed […]

Crude Oil Price Hike – Feb 2021 : Reasons and Impact on India

Crude Oil Price Hike: The price of Brent crude crossed the USD 60 per barrel mark after over a year. The rise in prices is because of production cuts by oil-producing countries and expectations of improvements in global demand as the Covid-19 vaccine is rolled out across the world. In April 2020, the West Texas […]