India’s Crude Oil Production And Natural Gas Output Declined

India’s Crude Oil Production And Natural Gas Output Declined: According to the latest government data India’s crude oil production and natural gas output declined in the Financial Year (FY) 2020-2021. India’s crude oil and natural gas production have been falling consistently since 2011-12. Decline in Production: Crude Oil Production: Declined by 5.2% as private and […]

India On The Watchlist For Currency Manipulators

U.S. Government’s Decision To Put India On The Watchlist For Currency Manipulators: Union Commerce Secretary questioned the rationale behind the U.S. government’s decision to put India on the watchlist for currency manipulators and said the list constituted an intrusion into the policy space needed by central banks around the world to meet their mandates. The […]

Britcoin : Digital Currency Of Britain

Britcoin: British authorities are exploring the possibility of creating a Central Bank Digital Currency, being touted as “Britcoin.” It is a step towards future-proofing Pound Sterling (currency of the United Kingdom) against cryptocurrencies and improving the payments system. About Britcoin: In the wake of declining cash payments in the country partly due to the Corona […]

Committee on Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs): RBI

Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs): The RBI has set up a committee headed by Sudarshan Sen to undertake a comprehensive review of the working of asset reconstruction companies (ARCs) in the financial sector ecosystem and recommend suitable measures for enabling them to meet the growing requirements. Terms of reference: To review the existing legal and regulatory […]

Dogecoin Cryptocurrency : Important Points

Dogecoin: Just as the virtual currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum have surged in value this week, so has Dogecoin– a cryptocurrency started in 2013 as an internet parody. Based on the “Doge” meme and started as a “fun” alternative to Bitcoin, Dogecoin’s value has risen phenomenally this week and now valued at $34 billion. The digital […]