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Guillotine: The ongoing stalemate in the Indian Parliament has led to the possibility of the government using ‘guillotine’ to fast-track the passage of the Finance Bill without any discussion in the Lok Sabha. This has led to confusion and questions about what exactly guillotine means in legislative parlance. The term guillotine originally referred to an […]

Abel Prize

Abel Prize: Luis Caffarelli has won the 2023 Abel Prize for his contributions to regularity theory for nonlinear partial differential equations, including free-boundary problems and the Monge-Ampère equation. The Abel Prize is a prestigious award in mathematics that recognizes pioneering scientific achievements in mathematics. It is named after Norwegian mathematician Niels Henrik Abel. The Norwegian […]

National Initiative For Promotion Of Upskilling Of Nirman Workers (NIPUN) Scheme

National Initiative For Promotion Of Upskilling Of Nirman Workers (NIPUN) Scheme: The National Initiative for Promoting Upskilling of Nirman workers (NIPUN) has recently completed its training program for construction workers engaged in the Central Vista project in New Delhi. NIPUN Scheme is an innovative project for the skill training of construction workers. It is an […]


Ibisbill: Researchers recently highlighted that ground-nesting birds, including the ibisbill, can be impacted by changing climatic patterns in the Indian Himalayas. Ibisbill is a bird which belongs to the family Ibidorhynchidae. It is the only species in this family. It is a charismatic and uncommon wader seen in the Himalayas and foothills of India. Scientific […]

Sagar Manthan Dashboard

Sagar Manthan Dashboard: The Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways (MoPSW) launched Sagar Manthan dashboard. Sagar Manthan Dashboard is the Real-time Performance Monitoring Dashboard of MoPSW that will monitor and track the progress of their projects. This new digital platform has integrated all the data related to the Ministry and other subsidiaries. Features: Data visualization […]