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Chandipura Virus Infection

Chandipura Virus Infection: The Gujarat government said that six children have died of suspected Chandipura virus (CHPV) infection in the state since July 10. Chandipura Virus Infection is a virus of the Rhabdoviridae family, which also includes other members such as the lyssavirus that causes rabies. Several species of sandflies like Phlebotomine sandflies and Phlebotomus […]

APSTAR-6E Satellite

APSTAR-6E Satellite: China’s APSTAR-6E satellite has officially begun operating after successfully passing technical reviews both in orbit and on the ground in Hong Kong. APSTAR-6E Satellite is China’s first all-electric propulsion communication satellite. Developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), this satellite operates in geostationary orbit. Launched via a Long March-2C rocket […]

Tirzepatide : Weight Loss Drug

Tirzepatide : Weight Loss Drug India is set to approve the weight-loss drug tirzepatide marking a significant advancement in obesity treatment. This follows global trends where drugs like semaglutide (Ozempic and Wegovy) have shown dramatic weight loss effects. Tirzepatide, originally approved for diabetes, also induces weight loss by boosting hormones GLP-1 and GIP, which promote […]