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Freshwater Under The Ocean Bed

Freshwater Under The Ocean Bed:

Freshwater exploration from under the ocean bed is gaining attention as a potential solution to depleting freshwater resources. Recent discoveries have revealed significant freshwater reservoirs under the ocean.

  • Rainwater and surface water can seep into the ground and percolate deep into the Earth’s crust.
  • Some of this water can accumulate in underground reservoirs or aquifers beneath the ocean floor.
  •  Geological activities such as tectonic movements and volcanic eruptions can create fractures, faults, and cavities in the
  • These geological features can trap freshwater, preventing it from mixing with seawater.
  • Submarine springs are underwater vents that release freshwater into the ocean.
  • These springs can occur where groundwater from aquifers beneath the ocean floor discharges through openings in the seafloor.
  • During periods of glaciation, large ice sheets store vast amounts of freshwater.
  • As glaciers melt, freshwater can be released into the ocean, forming layers of less dense water that float on the denser seawater below.