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Large Value Fund (LVF) Scheme

Large Value Fund (LVF) Scheme:

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has approved the acquisition of shares of MG Motor India Private Limited by IndoEdge India Fund under the Large Value Fund (LVF) Scheme.

  • Large Value Fund (LVF) Scheme: It is an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) wherein every investor is an accredited investor and invests a minimum amount of Rs 70 crore.
  • Alternative Investment Fund(AIF): An AIF is a privately pooled or collective investment fund incorporated in India for investment purposes.
  • SEBI categorizes AIFs into 3 types:
    • Category-1 AIFs:
      • Invest in startups, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), and socially beneficial sectors like infrastructure.
      • Includes Infrastructure Funds, Venture Capital Funds, Angel Funds, and Social Venture Funds.
    • Category-2 AIFs:
      • Invest in equities and debt securities, excluding Category 1 or 3.
      • Includes Fund of Funds, Debt Funds, and Private Equity Funds.
    • Category-3 AIFs:
      • Aim for short-term investment returns, utilizing complex trading strategies.
      • Includes Hedge Funds and Private Investment in Public Equity Funds.