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Picocystis Salinarum : Green Algae

Picocystis Salinarum: Green Algae

A young researcher has divulged the secret of how the Picocystis Salinarum survives the harshest of conditions by resorting to physiological adaptation to highly saline-alkaline/hyperosmotic conditions.

  • Picocystis Salinarum is a globally widespread picoplanktonic green algae of saline lakes.
  • It is one of the smallest green algae.
  • It is found in hypersaline soda lake Sambhar, Rajasthan, to survive extreme environments.
  • Though the algae had been widely found in saline-soda lakes around the world, it was spotted for the first time in India only in the Sambhar Lake.
  • The unique organism apparently enhances photosynthesis and ATP synthesis along with chaperone proteins as key response to high salinity-alkalinity.
  • Enhanced photosynthetic activity exhibited by P. salinarum in highly saline-alkaline condition is noteworthy as photosynthesis is suppressed under hyperosmotic conditions in most photosynthetic organisms.