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What is New Big 5 Project?

New Big 5 project:

It has named the five animals for framing instead of firing at. These are the elephant, polar bear, gorilla, tiger, and lion.

  • All the New Big 5 animals are keystone species, essential to the balance of nature in their habitats, biodiverse ecosystems, and the survival of other species, including humans.
  • It is an international initiative of more than 250 of the world’s wildlife photographers, conservationists, and wildlife charities.
  • Created by British photographer Graeme Green.
  • Its aim is to raise awareness about the crisis facing the world’s wildlife from threats including habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, poaching, illegal wildlife trade, and climate change.
  • Since its launch in April 2020, the project to list the animals received more than 50,000 votes from wildlife lovers.