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Codex Alimentarius Commission

Codex Alimentarius Commission: India has been unanimously elected as a member representing the Asian region in the Executive Committee of Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) during its 46th meeting at Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) headquarters at Rome. India proposed the establishment of global standards for millets like Finger millet, Barnyard millet, Kodo millet, Proso millet, […]

Cyclone Michaung

Cyclone Michaung: Cyclone Michaung is a tropical cyclone that is tracking northwest in the western Bay of Bengal. ‘Michaung’ is named after a suggestion provided by Myanmar. It means strength and resilience. The National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) recently convened to assess the readiness of State governments and Central Ministries for the approaching cyclone ‘Michaung’ […]


Anthrobots: Researchers have developed miniature robots using human cells and termed them as anthrobots. Anthrobots are constructed from human tracheal cells which are bio-robots that possess self-assembly capabilities. These are capable of both movement and healing neurons within a laboratory setting. They can spontaneously fuse together to form a larger structure called a superbot, which […]

Leadership Group For Industry Transition (LeadIT) 2.0

Leadership Group For Industry Transition (LeadIT) 2.0: India and Sweden launched Leadership Group for Industry Transition (LeadIT) 2.0 during the COP28 World Climate Action Summit, hosted in Dubai. The LeadIT initiative, initially centered around pivotal sectors such as iron, steel, cement, and aluminum, focused on industry transition and knowledge sharing. LeadIT has played a pivotal […]

Chess Grandmaster Title : Brother-Sister Duo In History

Chess Grandmaster Title: Brother-Sister Duo In History Vaishali Rameshbabu and her younger brother Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa have become the first-ever Grandmaster brother-sister duo in history. Chess Grandmaster title is the highest title or ranking that a chess player can achieve. The Grandmaster title and other chess titles is awarded by the International Chess Federation, FIDE (acronym […]