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Regional Consultation Program On The Science Of Natural Farming

Regional Consultation Program On The Science Of Natural Farming: The “Regional Consultation Program on the Science of Natural Farming” emphasised the importance of natural farming as a sustainable agricultural practice. It was announced that farmers who practise natural farming on a portion of their land for 3 years will be eligible for government subsidies. Natural […]

Dual-Tower Solar Thermal Plant

Dual-Tower Solar Thermal Plant: China has introduced the world’s first dual-tower solar thermal power plant in Gansu Province, enhancing energy efficiency by 24%. This innovative plant features two 200-meter-tall towers, each surrounded by nearly 30,000 mirrors that concentrate sunlight onto the towers to generate steam and drive turbines for electricity production. The plant’s unique design […]

First Overseas Jan Aushadi Kendra

First Overseas Jan Aushadi Kendra: India’s first overseas Jan Aushadi Kendra was inaugurated in Mauritius. This event highlights the strong bilateral cooperation in the health sector between India and Mauritius. The Jan Aushadi Kendra aims to provide affordable generic medicines to enhance public healthcare in Mauritius. Janaushadhi Kendras are centres that provide quality generic medicines […]

International Centre For Audit Of Local Governance

International Centre For Audit Of Local Governance: The International Centre for Audit of Local Governance (iCAL) was inaugurated by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India. iCAL, the first of its kind in India, aims to set global standards for auditing local governance bodies. iCAL will bring together policymakers, administrators, and auditors associated with […]