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People With Blood Disorder Not Eigible For Reservation

People With Blood Disorder Not Eigible For Reservation:

The Centre’s decision to exclude individuals with thalassemia, sickle cell disease, and haemophilia, from government job reservations, despite their recognition as disabilities in the Right to Persons with Disabilities(RPWD) Act of 2016, prompts concerns.

  • The government provides 4% reservation in government jobs for specific disabilities, including total loss of vision and low vision, complete loss of hearing and low hearing, locomotor disability, etc.
  • Government cites Section 34 of RPWD Act, 2016, stating that persons with blood disorders, including thalassemia, are not eligible for job reservation in government establishments.
  • Activists express dissatisfaction, asserting that excluding disabilities recognized in the Act from job reservations defeats the Act’s purpose.
  • Thalassemia Blood disorder affects haemoglobin Reduced ability to produce normal haemoglobin
  • Haemophilia is a Bleeding disorder, deficiency of clotting factor Prolonged bleeding, difficulty in clotting
  • Sickle Cell Disease is a Genetic blood disorder, abnormal hemoglobin Altered red blood cell shape, circulation issues