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Operation Bluestar

Operation Bluestar: Slogans favouring Khalistan (sovereign state for Sikhs) were raised recently in the premises of the Golden Temple complex in Punjab’s Amritsar during the 40th anniversary of ‘Operation Bluestar’. Operation Bluestar was an Indian military operation in June 1984 ordered by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to root out a group of militant Sikh separatists […]

Lost Nile Branch Key To Pyramid Construction

Lost Nile Branch Key To Pyramid Construction: A study discovered an ancient Nile river branch that helped transport workers and materials to Egypt’s pyramids, now buried under modern landscapes. Researchers employed technologies including satellite imagery, high-resolution digital elevation data, and historical maps to trace the path of the now-vanished Ahramat Branch of Nile River. Key […]

Neanderthals : Recent Study

Neanderthals : Recent Study Neanderthals who lived 50,000 years ago were infected with three viruses that still affect modern humans today, researchers have discovered recently. Neanderthals were an extinct relative of modern humans once found across Europe, extending into Central and Southwest Asia. Species: Homo neanderthalensis They are our closest extinct human relative. Current evidence […]