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Bharat 6G Alliance

Bharat 6G Alliance:

The Indian government has launched the Bharat 6G Alliance (B6GA) to spearhead the development of 6G technology in the country.

  • Bharat 6G Alliance is a collaborative platform which aims to achieve universal and affordable connectivity, promote indigenous technology, and establish India as a global leader in the telecom sector.
  • This platform consists of public and private companies, academia, research institutions, and standards development organizations, aims to lead the development and deployment of 6G technology in India.
  • It will forge coalitions and synergies with other 6G Global Alliances, fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Aim is to bring together Indian startups, companies, and the manufacturing ecosystem to establish consortia that drive the design, development and deployment of 6G technologies in India.
  • One of the key goals of B6GA is to facilitate market access for Indian telecom technology products and services, enabling the country to emerge as a global leader in 6G technology.
  • Funding for 6G technology projects is to support the advancement of 6G technology, the government has allocated a grant of 240.51 crores through the Telecom Technology Development Fund scheme.