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Child Nutrition Report, 2024

Child Nutrition Report, 2024

UNICEF has released its Child Nutrition Report 2024, highlighting the severe level of Child Food Poverty globally.

  • The inability of children, especially in early childhood (first five years), to access and consume a nutritious and diverse diet.

Key Findings of the Report:

  • 27% of children globally; 40% in India (2nd highest in South Asia).
  • CFP results from failing governance systems, not failing families.
  • Rise in unhealthy food consumption replacing nutrient-rich options.
  • Affects both poor and non-poor households, showing income isn’t the sole factor.
  • Global efforts are slow in ending CFP
  • Children in severe CFP lack nutrient-rich foods; unhealthy foods dominate.
  • Global food/nutrition crises, conflicts, and climate shocks worsen CFP.
  • Higher CFP correlates with higher stunting rates.
  • Poor food environments, poor feeding practices, climate crisis and household income poverty.

Status of CFP in India:

  • Prevalence of Malnutrition (NFHS-5): Children Under 5: 35.5% stunted, 19.3% wasted, 32.1% underweight, 3% overweight
  • Prevalence of Anaemia: Pregnant Women (15-49 years): 52.2%; Children (6-59 months): 67.1%
  • State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World Report (2023): Diet Affordability: 74% of the population cannot afford a healthy diet; 39% lack a nutrient-adequate diet.
  • Global Hunger Index (2023): GHI Score: 28.7 (serious); Child Wasting Rate: 18.7% (highest in the report)