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CO2 Emissions Report 2022 : IEA

CO2 Emissions Report 2022:IEA

According to the CO2 Emissions in 2022 Report by the International Energy Agency

  • Global energy-related CO2 emissions increased by less than 1% in 2022
  • The report highlights rise in emissions was significantly lower than the exceptional increase of over six per cent in 2021.
  • It recommended stronger steps to accelerate the clean energy transition to achieve energy and climate goals.
  • According to the report, emissions in China decreased in 2022 due to the COVID lockdown.
  • In the European Union, emissions decreased by 2.5%.
  • In the US, emissions increased by 0.8%.
  • The Carbon emissions from the fuel coal increased by 1.6%.
  • The emissions from oil increased by 2.5%.
  • The aviation sector was the major polluter in this fuel category.
  • In the energy sector, the major emissions came from electricity generators, particularly coal-based electricity generators. Solar energy and wind energy power plants increased throughout the world.
  • The emissions from the global industries decreased.
  • The main reason behind the reduction was a 10% decrease in cement production and a 2% decrease in steel production
  • The overall price of energy increased, fuel trade was disrupted, and inflation hit peaks. For these reasons, the overall emissions decreased
  • Emissions due to natural gas decreased by 1.6%