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DC-8 Flying Laboratory Of NASA

DC-8 Flying Laboratory Of NASA:

NASA has begun conducting marathon research flights across Asia in order to improve air pollution forecasting models.

  • The flights aim to collect detailed data on air pollution sources and behavior to enhance warning systems for the public. Millions of deaths each year are linked to air pollution.
  • The flights involve NASA’s DC-8 flying laboratory, the world’s largest aircraft designed for airborne science missions.
  • The DC-8 is flying for up to 8 hours at a time, sometimes as low as 15 meters above the ground, to collect air pollution particles for analysis.
  • The research flights can “provide direct measurements of how much pollution is coming from different sources.”
  • This data is critical for the air quality forecasting models that inform pollution warnings and policies.
  • The DC-8 can help fill gaps and improve satellite data interpretation.
  • By combining data from air, ground, and space, the project can lead to more accurate forecasting models.