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Defence Acquisition Procedure (DAP) 2020

Defence Acquisition Procedure (DAP) 2020:

Ministry of Defence (MoD) has offered four projects to the Indian Industry for design & development under Make-I category of Defence Acquisition Procedure (DAP) 2020.

Make-I category

  • The industry will be provided financial support for prototype development of these projects.
  • The list of projects which were accorded ‘Approval In-Principle (AIP)’ by Collegiate Committee of MoD is as follow:
    • Indian Air Force: Communication Equipment with Indian Security Protocols (Routers, Switches, Encryptors, VoIP Phones and their software)
    • Indian Air Force: Airborne Electro Optical pod with Ground Based System
    • Indian Air Force: Airborne Stand-off Jammer
    • Indian Army: Indian Light Tank
  • This is for the first time since the launch of DAP-2020 that Indian Industry has been involved in development of big ticket platforms such as Light tank and Communication Equipment with Indian security protocols.

Make-II procedure

  • In addition, AIP has also been accorded to following five projects under industry-funded Make-II procedure:
    • Indian Air Force: Full Motion Simulator for Apache Helicopter
    • Indian Air Force: Full Motion Simulator for Chinook Helicopter
    • Indian Air Force: Wearable Robotic Equipment for Aircraft Maintenance
    • Indian Army: Integrated Surveillance and Targeting System for Mechanised Forces
    • Indian Army: Autonomous Combat Vehicle
  • Projects under ‘Make-II’ category involve prototype development of equipment or their upgrades or their components, primarily for import substitution/innovative solutions, for which no Government funding will be provided for prototype development purposes.