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FAO’s Green Urban Oases Programme : Report

FAO’s Green Urban Oases Programme : Report

The food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has released this report, under the framework of FAO’s Green Urban Oases Programme

Key points highlighted by the report:

  • 35% of the world’s largest cities (including New Delhi, Mexico City etc.) are built on the world’s dryland
  • Urban policies have yet to incorporate forestry and greening strategies in the majority of dryland cities
  • Recommendations is to:
    • Select local trees for green spacing
    • Build local capacity and involve the community to create a sense of ownership
    • Create policies for urban greening

Green Urban Oases (GUO) Programme:

  • GUO program contributes to FAO’s Green Cities Initiative (2020) which aimed to improve the livelihoods of urban and peri-urban populations in at least 100 cities in the next 3 years.
  • The objective of the programme:
    • Turn dryland cities into “green urban oases”
    • Strengthen their overall resilience to climatic, health, food, and economic crisis
    • To reduce the impact of urbanization on biodiversity and the surrounding natural environment