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State Of Food And Agriculture Report 2022 : FAO

State Of Food And Agriculture Report 2022 : FAO The recently released FAO’S State of Food and Agriculture report 2022 looked at how agricultural automation in our agri-food systems can contribute to achieving sustainable development goals. Highlights of the report: Agricultural automation plays an important role in making food production more efficient and environmentally friendly. […]

Two New Dwarf Varieties Of Kalanamak Rice

Two New Dwarf Varieties Of Kalanamak Rice: Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) successfully tested two new dwarf varieties of Kalanamak rice i.e., Pusa Narendra Kalanamak 1638 and Pusa Narendra Kalanamak 1652 in Uttar Pradesh that give double the yield. This will address the problem of lodging responsible for low yield seen across the traditional variety. […]

Purple Revolution

Purple Revolution: The Union State Minister for Science and Technology stated that the Purple Revolution offers attractive StartUp avenues. The Ministry of Science and Technology initiated the Purple Revolution or Lavender Revolution in 2016 through the Aroma Mission of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Purple Revolution: It aims to promote the indigenous […]

AgriTech Summit

AgriTech Summit: The Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare addressed the ‘Outlook Agritech Summit and Swaraj Awards 2022’. AgriTech Summit: Agritech Summit is a platform to bring together the top political leadership, policymakers, thought leaders and companies involved in agriculture-related technology to share knowledge and recognise the best practices in the field of agriculture […]

Agricultural And Processed Food Exports : Data

Agricultural And Processed Food Exports : Data The Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCI&S) has released the data of India’s Agricultural and processed food products exports for the first quarter of current Fiscal (April-July 2022-23). DGCI&S, under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, is the pioneer official organization for collection, compilation and […]

Data Released By The Union Agriculture Ministry

Data Released By The Union Agriculture Ministry: According to the data released by the Union Agriculture Ministry, the decrease in the area of paddy cultivation is 22.90 lakh hectares, 5.62% less than the area covered in 2021. States such as Jharkhand (decrease of 9.80 lakh hectares), Madhya Pradesh (6.32 lakh hectares), West Bengal (4.45 lakh […]