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I2U2 Initiative

I2U2 Initiative:

As part of I2U2 initiatives, India, Israel, UAE, and the US will hold its first virtual summit in July 2022.

I2U2 Initiative:

  • I2U2 was initially formed in October, 2021 following the Abraham Accords between Israel and the UAE, to deal with issues concerning maritime security, infrastructure and transport in the region.
  • At that time, it was called the ‘International Forum for Economic Cooperation’.
  • That was referred as the ‘West Asian Quad’.
  • I2U2 initiative is a new grouping of India, Israel, USA and UAE.
  • In the grouping’s name, ‘I2’ stands for India and Israel, whereas ‘U2’ stands for USA and the UAE.
  • This is a great achievement which tells the geopolitical changes that happen in the region.
  • This will not only revitalize and re-energize the system of alliances and partnerships around the world, but also stitch together partnerships that did not exist previously or were not utilized to their full extent.

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