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Igla-S : Hand-Held Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Igla-S: Hand-Held Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Russia recently signed a contract to supply Igla-S hand-held anti-aircraft missiles to India and has allowed the production of the Igla under license.

  • Igla-S is a man-portable air defence system (MANPADS) developed by Russia.
  • It is known in the West as SA-24 Grinch.
  • It entered service with the Russian Army in 2004.
  • It can be fired by an individual or crew to bring down an enemy aircraft.
  • It has the capability of bringing down low-flying aircraft. It can also identify and neutralise air targets, such as cruise missiles and drones.
  • The Igla-S system comprises of combat equipment, including the 9M342 missile and the 9P522 launching mechanism, along with maintenance equipment, including the 9V866-2 mobile test station and the 9F719-2 test set.
  • It has an effective range upto 6 km.
  • The limiting altitude of effective target destruction for the “Igla-S” complex is 3.5 km.
  • It has a heavier, more powerful warhead to maximize damage capabilities, as well as contact and timed fuzes for increased attack range.
  • The warhead is a high-explosive fragmentation (HE-FRAG) and weighs 2.5 kg.