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International Coral Reef Initiative

International Coral Reef Initiative:

The International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) said it would secure public and private investment to help conserve and restore coral ecosystems.

  • International Coral Reef Initiative was launched in 1994 by Australia, France, Japan, Jamaica, the Philippines, Sweden, Britain and the United States.
  • Its members now include 45 countries that represent three quarters of the world’s coral reefs.
  • India is also a member country of this initiative.
  • It is a global partnership between Nations and organizations which strives to preserve coral reefs and related ecosystems around the world.
  • Its decisions are not binding on its members.
  • The work of ICRI is regularly acknowledged in United Nations documents, highlighting the Initiative’s important cooperation, collaboration and advocacy role within the international arena.
  • Objectives
    • Encourage the adoption of best practice in sustainable management of coral reefs and associated ecosystems
    • Build capacity
    • Raise awareness at all levels on the plight of coral reefs around the world.