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International Sports Journalists Day

International Sports Journalists Day:

World Sports Journalists Day which is also known as International Sports Journalists Day is celebrated every year on 2nd of July.

  • World Sports Journalist Day was first observed in 1994 when the International Sports Press Association decided to commemorate it in honours of its 70th Anniversary.
  • The day is observed to honour all sports journalists around the world and also brings awareness about the sports journalism to the common people.
  • Sports journalism developed during the 19th century, but was centered on elitist sports and was more focused on reporting the social context of sports events.
  • In the 1920s, the profession began to take shape as newspapers dedicated more time and space to sports journalism.
  • The 20th century witnessed a massive boom in the popularity of sports journalism.
  • In 1880, only 0.4 percent of space was dedicated to sports in newspapers. This figure rose to 20 percent by the 1920s, as newspapers began hiring reporters exclusively for sports coverage.