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Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Updates

Russia-Ukraine Crisis:


Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky recently said he had declared February 16, which U.S. officials had said could be the date of a Russian attack, as a day of “national unity”.

  • However, Russia has clarified that it has no plans to invade Ukraine.
  • Russia want Talks to discuss implementation of previous commitments on NATO expansion, NATO troops moving out of Post-Soviet States,A commitment that Ukraine will not be given NATO members and Security guarantees for the future.
  • US and European states that form NATO wants Russian troops to pull back from borders,Russia to stop war games in neighbouring countries like Belarus,Willing to discuss security guarantees, but no commitment on independent states joining NATO – according to a letter leaked to a Spanish newspaper and Want guarantees that Russia will not invade Ukraine- Russia has said it has no intention to —but troops amassed are worrying.