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UNESCO Global Geoparks Network

UNESCO Global Geoparks Network:

The UNESCO’s Executive Board has endorsed the addition of 18 sites to the UNESCO Global Geoparks network.

  • UNESCO Global Geoparks Network are single, unified geographical areas where sites and landscapes of international geological significance are managed with a holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development.
  • The UNESCO Global Geopark designation was created in 2015 and recognizes “geological heritage of international significance”.
  • These comprise a number of geological heritage sites of special scientific importance, rarity or beauty.
  • The establishment of a UNESCO Global Geopark is a bottom-up process involving a strong local multiple partnership with long-term public and political support.
  • It is not a formal legislative designation, though the defining geological heritage sites within a UNESCO Global Geopark must be protected under indigenous, local, regional or national legislation as appropriate.
  • This status does not imply restrictions on any economic activity inside a UNESCO Global Geopark where that activity complies with indigenous, local, regional and/or national legislation.
  • A UNESCO Global Geopark is given this designation for a period of four years after which the functioning of the site re-examined during a revalidation process.
  • The selling or destruction of the geological value of a UNESCO Global Geopark or of material either from within the Geopark or from anywhere else in the world is not permitted.
  • Global Geoparks Network:
  • It is a non-profit International Association officially established in 2014 subject to French legislation