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Vibrant Villages Programme

Vibrant Villages Programme:

The Vibrant Villages Programme focuses on developing the rural areas in the northern border states and union territories

  • More than 663 villages will be developed under the programme.
  • It is to be implemented for two years, that is, between 2022-23 and 2025-26.
  • The Central Government allocated Rs 4,800 crores for the scheme. Of this Rs 2500 crores will be used for building roads. Cabinet approved the scheme recently.
  • Key Features of the scheme:
    • One – Village – One– Product concept will be adopted
    • Social entrepreneurship will be encouraged by opening growth centres.
    • These centres will work on “Hub and Spoke model”
    • Skill development programmes for youth and women
    • Heritage development and promotion of local traditional knowledge
    • Development of eco-agribusinesses
  • The NGOs, cooperatives, and Self Help Groups will be involved in the scheme