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Jal Jan Abhiyan

Jal Jan Abhiyan:

The Jal Jan Abhiyan will be implemented by the Ministry of Jal Shakti and the Brahma Kumaris organization.

  • The main objective of the campaign is water conservation.
  • During the campaign, the volunteers from the organization will conduct public awareness campaign on preserving water.
  • The campaign is to run for eight months.
  • They will focus on building new water bodies and also on preserving more than 5,000 water bodies.
  • The target of the campaign is to reach at least ten crore people and organize 10,000 programs.
  • The Brahma Kumaris organization is deploying its Raja Yogis to conduct the campaign.
  • Raja Yogis are well-versed yoga practitioners.
  • They will inspire people to prevent water wastage and pull them into the concept of a sustainable world.
  • During the campaign, the participants will take a water pledge on using water wisely, and consume it judiciously.