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20 New Species Of Sea Lettuce

20 New Species Of Sea Lettuce:

Researchers have recently discovered 20 new species of Sea lettuce along the Baltic and Scandinavian coasts.

  • Sea Lettuce(Ulva lactuca) is commonly referred to as seaweed.
  • It is a genus of green algae usually found growing on rocky shores of seas and oceans around the world.
  • Some species of Sea lettuce also grow in brackish water rich in organic matter or sewage and can accumulate heavy metals.
  • It usually grows attached by a small discoid holdfast to rocks and shells, but it can also grow in a free-floating, non-attached form, sometimes in prolific masses.
  • It needs a lot of sunlight to flourish.
  • It is perennial, and grows all year, although the largest blooms occur during the summer.
  • Large masses of sea lettuce are often an indicator of nutrient pollution in the water.
  • In some parts of the world, people eat sea lettuce in soups and salads.
  • It resembles leaves of green lettuce.
  • The color is often bright green but can range from dark green to almost yellow.
  • The leaves can be narrow or broad and single or multi-lobed.
  • They’re often rounded or oval with ruffled edges and riddled with holes or perforations.