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API Access To GPT-4 With Vision

API Access To GPT-4 With Vision:

Following its launch, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has evolved by leaps and bounds and also recently announced API access to GPT-4 with Vision.

  • GPT-4 Vision also referred to as GPT-4V which allows users to instruct GPT-4 to analyse image inputs.
  • It has been considered OpenAI’s step forward towards making its chatbot multimodal an AI model with a combination of image, text and audio as inputs.
  • It allows users to upload an image as input and ask a question about it.
  • This task is known as visual question answering (VQA).
  • It is a Large Multimodal Model or LMM, which is essentially a model that is capable of taking information in multiple modalities like text and images or text and audio and generating responses based on it.
  • It has capabilities such as processing visual content including photographs, screenshots, and documents.
  • The latest iteration allows it to perform a slew of tasks such as identifying objects within images, and interpreting and analysing data displayed in graphs, charts, and other visualisations.
  • It can also interpret handwritten and printed text contained within images.
  • This is a significant leap in AI as it, in a way, bridges the gap between visual understanding and textual analysis.