Aridity Anomaly Outlook Index : IMD

Aridity Anomaly Outlook Index : IMD

Recently Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) released the Index for the month of July

Key findings:

  • Nearly 660 of 756 districts (85%) were facing different degrees of aridity, while only 63 are non-arid.
  • At least 196 districts are in the grip of a ‘severe’ degree of dryness and 65 of these are in Uttar Pradesh
  • Nearly 69% of India is dry land
  • Impacts of drought in agriculture, especially in the tropics where defined wet and dry seasons are part of the climate regime.
  • Both winter and summer cropping seasons can be assessed using this method.
  • Large Arid regions are found in the desert of Rajasthan, Rann of Kutch and semi-arid regions of Punjab and Gujarat, rain shadow areas of Western Ghats.

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