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ASEAN India Maritime Exercise 2023

ASEAN India Maritime Exercise 2023:

Indian Naval Ships arrived in Singapore to participate in the Inaugural ASEAN India Maritime Exercise (AIME-2023).

  • ASEAN India Maritime Exercise (AIME-2023) will inaugurate in Singapore.
  • Objective is to strengthen cooperation and coordination between the Indian Navy and ASEAN navies in the maritime domain.
  • The Harbour Phase of the exercise is scheduled to be held at Changi Naval Base from 02 to 04 May 2023.
  • During this phase, participating nations will engage in various professional and cultural exchanges.
  • The Sea Phase will be conducted from 07 to 08 May 2023 in the South China Sea.
  • This phase will include a wide range of naval exercises such as surface warfare exercises, anti-submarine warfare exercises, and air defence exercises.