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Black-Naped Pheasant-Pigeon

Black-Naped Pheasant-Pigeon:

Black-Naped Pheasant-Pigeon was rediscovered after 140 years.

  • Before the recent rediscovery, Black-Naped Pheasant-Pigeon was first and last seen in 1882.
  • It is a large, terrestrial pigeon having black and orange feathers and red eyes.
  • It feeds on seeds and fallen fruits.
  • The species is endemic to Fergusson Island in Papua New Guinea.
  • It split from the species Otidiphaps nobilis, which diverged from all other species some 26.1 million years ago.
  • Otidiphaps nobilis is part of the Columbidae family, which diverged from all other species during the Paleogene period, some 32.7 million years ago.
  • The population is dwindling because of the loss of forest habitats, which is caused by the logging and conversion for subsistence agriculture gardens. Conservation activities of the species’ habitat are few and far between.
  • In July 2021, though the species’ population is undetermined, was listed as a critically endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), with an estimated population of 50 to 249 birds.