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Carnian Pluvial Episode

Carnian Pluvial Episode:

The Carnian Pluvial Episode (CPE) was a period of extended and intense rainfall that occurred in the late Triassic Period (approx. 230 million years ago).

  • It had a significant impact on the evolution of both terrestrial and marine life.
  • Researchers believe that this prolonged rainfall was the result of global climate change caused by extensive volcanic activity in the Wrangellia Province (located in western coast of North America).
  • During the late Triassic period, all of the Earth’s landmasses were joined together to form one large supercontinent known as Pangaea.
  • It caused mass extinction of marine life and terrestrial species, wiping out about one-third of all species and leading to a decrease in biodiversity.
  • However, it also created an opportunity for new and different marine and terrestrial species to evolve, including the rise of dinosaurs .
  • The CPE is believed to have set the stage for the Mesozoic Era, known as the age of the dinosaurs, in which dinosaurs emerged and flourished, dominating terrestrial ecosystems for the next 150 million years.