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Central Motor Vehicles (Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2021

Central Motor Vehicles (Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2021:

As per the rules:

  • Automakers may face fines of up to ₹1 crore from April 1 for defects in vehicles they fail to voluntarily flag.
  • A recall of more than six lakh two-wheelers, one lakh-plus four-wheeler, and more than three lakh three-wheelers and quadricycles would attract a penalty of up to ₹1 crore.
  • For recalling up to 6,000 two-wheelers, a manufacturer would have to pay up to ₹10 lakh.
  • For two-wheelers, with annual sales of up to 3,000 units, the government would order a mandatory recall if 20% of vehicle owners report an identical problem.
  • For those with up to 6,000 units in yearly sales, there would be a recall if the complaints equal 11% to 30% of total sales.
  • The threshold for passenger buses and trucks is 3% of annual sales.