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Clean, Healthy Environment As a Universal Human Right

Clean, Healthy Environment As a Universal Human Right:

India voted for the resolution and pointed out that the resolutions do not create binding obligations.

  • Only through conventions and treaties do state parties undertake obligations for such rights.
  • Every person on the planet has the right to live in a clean, healthy environment.
  • Climate change and environmental degradation are the most critical threats awaiting humanity in the future.
  • It demonstrates that the member states can unite in the collective fight against the triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.
  • The declaration adopted by over 160 UN member nations, including India, is not legally binding.
  • But, it will encourage countries to incorporate the right to a healthy environment in national constitutions and regional treaties.
  • Russia and Iran abstained from voting.


  • It will help to reduce environmental injustices and protection gaps.
  • It can empower people, especially those in vulnerable situations, including environmental human rights defenders, children, youth, women and indigenous people.
  • This right (Access to Clean, Healthy Environment) was not included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948.
  • This is a historic resolution that will change the nature of international human rights law.