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Status Of Total Fertility Rate (TFR)

Status Of Total Fertility Rate (TFR):

India’s declining fertility rate, recently projected by The Lancet, suggests a demographic transition with potential economic benefits.

  • TFR in India has drastically decreased from 6.2 in 1950 to below 2 in 2021.
  • It is projected to further decline to 1.29 by 2050 and a concerning level of 1.04 by 2100.
  • This decline is part of a global trend, with the global fertility rate dropping nearly 50% in the past 70 years.
  • The United Nations predicts global population growth to reach 10.9 billion by 2100, with TFR converging to near replacement level.
  • The Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 2.0 in India signifies stable long-term population trends, with two parents replaced by two children, indicating that the country may not experience population decline for 30-40 years due to a substantial youth population.

About TFR:

  • The Total Fertility Rate (TFR) represents the average number of children a woman would have in her lifetime given current fertility rates.
  • A TFR of 2.1 signifies replacement-level fertility, where each generation replaces itself. TFR below 2.1 suggests a declining population over time as each generation produces fewer children than its predecessor.