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Denmark Imposes The World’s First Carbon Tax On Livestock Emissions

Denmark Imposes The World’s First Carbon Tax On Livestock Emissions:

Denmark’s coalition government approved a plan to put in place the world’s first carbon emissions tax that targets farms.

  • This is a big step for the country in its efforts to leave less of an impact on the environment, which are mostly driven by its strong pork and dairy production sectors.
  • The tax will begin at 300 krone ($43) per tonne of CO2-equivalent emissions from animals in 2030 and rise to 750 krone ($107) by 2035.
  • A 60% tax break will be given at first, bringing the actual charge down to 120 krone ($17) per tonne in 2030. It will then rise to 300 krone ($43) by 2035.
  • This means that a typical Danish dairy cow that puts out about 5.6 tonnes of CO2 per year will have to pay a fee of 672 krone ($96) per year at first, rising to 1,680 krone ($241) by 2035.
  • The Danish dairy business supports climate goals, but they have mixed feelings about the way taxes are being used.
  • Some important people are worried about how the measures might affect competition and how well they work.
  • Critics say the policy is too complicated and comes with a big risk that can’t be promised to work.