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Space Agreement With NASA : New Zealand

Space Agreement With NASA: Newzealand:


New Zealand has become the latest country to sign “space agreement with NASA” with the objective of boosting nascent space industry of New Zealand.

  • New Zealand is the eleventh signatory to Artemis Accords.
  • Artemis Accords is a blueprint for space cooperation and supporting NASA’s plan to return humans to the moon by 2024. It also supports NASA’s plan of launching a historic human mission to Mars.
  • New Zealand wants to ensure, future space exploration is conducted in a safe, sustainable and transparent manner in accordance with international law.
  • New Zealand is also interested in ensuring that minerals are taken from the moon or elsewhere in space are used sustainably

Artemis Accords:

  • Artemis accords are an international agreement and American-led effort which seeks to relaunch humans to Moon by 2024.
  • The agreement was signed by governments participating in the Artemis program with the objective of expanding and deepening space exploration. It was drafted under the aegis of NASA.
  • It provides a framework for cooperation in civil exploration and peaceful use of Mars, Moon, and other astronomical objects.
  • The accord was signed on October 13, 2020.