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DETER – Decentralized Triage and Emergency Response Committees : Karnataka

Decentralized Triage and Emergency Response (DETER) Committees: Karnataka:

To manage the Covid pandemic at the local level, the Karnataka state government has formed Decentralized Triage and Emergency Response (DETER) Committees at ward levels in Bengaluru.

About DETER committees:

  • The objective is to strengthen government response and management of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • These teams will emphasize the distribution of localized action in a decentralized system of disaster response.
  • They will be run in synergy with officials, ward committee members, government officers, representatives of the peoples, volunteers from resident welfare associations, civil society organizations, and disaster-support initiatives.
  • They will act as the first point of contact for those infected with Covid-19.
  • The Karnataka government has formulated a ‘3E Strategy’ for WDCs to micromanage Covid-19 in a comprehensive manner.
  • The 3E Strategy is explained as follows: Efficient admission to hospitals facilitated by community triage services; Efficient discharge from hospitals enabling efficient bed-turnover; Empowering hospitals, doctors, and their management with supportive supervision.
  • This is expected to improve supervision for better ward-level Covid governance.