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Digital Detox Initiative

Digital Detox Initiative:

The Karnataka government recently announced a new ‘Digital Detox’ initiative in collaboration with the All India Game Developers Forum (AIGDF).

  • The programme aims to spread awareness about the negative impacts of excessive technology use and encourage more mindful digital habits.
  • The goal of the ‘Digital Detox’ initiative is to reduce the amount of time people spend immersed in digital devices and social media. Speaking at the GAFX 2024 event, Minister for IT&BT Priyank Kharge said the programme intends to address issues like mental health problems, shortening attention spans, and weakening in-person relationships that can stem from digital dependence.
  • The Karnataka government will work together with AIGDF, which represents India’s gaming industry, on the ‘Digital Detox’ program.
  • This collaboration reflects how technology itself can potentially provide solutions for problems arising from technology overuse.
  • The gaming industry has a key role to play in encouraging responsible use of digital entertainment.