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Earthquake Of 3.0 Magnitude Hit Haryana’s Sonipat Region

Earthquake Of 3.0 Magnitude Hit Haryana’s Sonipat Region:

An Earthquake of 3.0 magnitude hit Haryana’s Sonipat region.

  • The epicentre of the earthquake was in Sonipat and occurred at latitude 29.15 degrees north and longitude 76.97 degrees east, at a depth of 5 km.
  • An earthquake is the shaking or trembling of the earth’s surface.
  • It is caused by the seismic waves or earthquake waves that are generated due to a sudden movement.
  • A seismograph, or seismometer, is an instrument used to detect and record earthquakes.
  • Hypocentre/Focus: The point where the energy is released.
  • Epicentre: The point on the surface directly above the focus.
  • Isoseismic line: A line connecting all points on the surface where the intensity is the same.