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1st National Conference of States on Logistics

1st National Conference of States on Logistics:

Union Minister of Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal addressed the 1st National Conference of States on Logistics.

  • He said that National Logistics Policy, which is under consultation, along with the National Logistics Council and State Logistics Coordination Committee, will work as a template for better coordination and integrated development for the logistics center.
  • The Minister said that Logistics is all about 5R’s: Getting the Right product – In the Right condition – At the Right place – At the Right time – To the Right customer.
  • India has a $200 billion logistics ecosystem.
  • A good part of it is supported by the Indian Railways.
  • Citing studies, the minister said that about 13-14 per cent cost of a product is logistics, and “we wish to bring it down to about 8 per cent”.