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Existence Of New Species Santjordia Pagesi

Existence Of New Species Santjordia Pagesi:

Scientists have now confirmed the existence of a new species named Santjordia pagesi.

  • Santjordia Pagesi also called St. George’s Cross medusa jellyfish, is a newly discovered species of jellyfish.
  • It is considered “rare” and has been found only in the Sumisu Caldera near the Ogasawara Islands, about 600 miles southeast of Tokyo, Japan.
  • “Santjordia” refers to Saint George in Catalan, representing its cross-shaped stomach.
  • It is considered large at 4 inches wide and 3 inches tall.
  • It boasts a circular body with around 240 tentacles.
  • Its body looks almost like a see-through cushion. It has a thick white ring running along its lower edge.
  • Smaller vein-like structures stretch from its prominent central stomach to the outer ring.
  • Its most distinctive feature is a bright red, cross-shaped stomach.
  • The jellyfish’s distinct features suggest it may possess a novel cnidarian venom.
  • A jellyfish is a type of marine animal belonging to the phylum Cnidaria, which includes creatures such as sea anemones, sea whips, and corals.
  • Like all members of the phylum, the body parts of a jellyfish radiate from a central axis.